Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what level I should try?

Call us on 0417 399 739, or email via our contact form. We will chat with you about your prior training, if any. That information, combined with the time since you’ve attended regular classes, will help us to suggest a suitable level. We always recommend that students returning to ballet classes start with a very moderate level. This helps to ease the body back into classical technique, whilst refreshing the “ballet brain”.

I didn't study ballet as a child. Can I still join?

Yes! If you have no prior ballet experience then Entry Level 1 is the ideal class for you. We commence new EL1 classes at the beginning of each term. Students must start at the beginning of term so as not to miss valuable content in the early weeks. During term we welcome enquiries and waitlist students for the following EL1 intake. Waitlisted students will be given priority of placement in new EL1 classes.

Are classes casual or term-based?

The majority of Elancé students enroll by term. Elancé term dates are unique. Four terms, each of 12 weeks duration, run “back to back” from January to December. New students with prior ballet experience are welcome to start at any time during term and fees will be adjusted according to the week of commencement. Dance cards are available to students from EL5 to PL6 who are unable to attend on a term basis.

Do I have to be fit?

Elancé does not assume a level of fitness prior to commencing classes. You will be placed in an appropriate class and your fitness will gradually increase over time.

What should I wear?

Elancé is relaxed about individual’s choice of dancewear. Some students elect to wear aerobics-style workout gear whilst others choose traditional ballet wear. Ballet shoes are required. We do suggest that fitted clothing is more suitable in order that the teacher can better see body line and position. Long hair is required to be secured away from the face. Our experience has been that as students begin to think of themselves as dancers, they prefer the more traditional ballet wear.

Will I have to wear pointe shoes?

No, there is no pointe work involved in the training.

Do I have to do performances?

No, Elancé does not conduct end-of-year productions. In classes, we train technique and artistry in equal measure. Technique is simply the framework to support the dance!

How do I book for classes?

From your phone call or email, we’ll ascertain your best class to try and we will register you. We will help you to prepare for your first class by advising what to wear, what to bring, where to park, etc. Your teacher will be expecting you and you will be warmly welcomed!

Are men welcome in the school?

Absolutely! Elancé welcomes men wishing to explore or return to classical ballet training. Male students can enrol in any level-appropriate class.

What is the cost of classes?

There are several fee options available to students. These are discussed with you at the point of your enquiry.

What if I don't have a 'dancer's body'?

Providing you are in sound health, the body you have is all you need!

What should I bring?

Appropriate clothing (including layers that can be removed as the body temperature increases) water bottle, sweat towel, ballet shoes, focus and enthusiasm!

Do I have to do exams?

No, students do not undertake exams. All classes at Elancé are ‘open’ classes, which means the content changes on a cycle spanning every few weeks. Our teachers are committed to ensuring you are learning in the most level-appropriate class for you.

“I still remember the day I found Elancé. I remember it because it was the start of something special that has brought so much joy into my life. I wish I’d found it sooner.”



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